We’re having a relaxing one at this end getting everything ready for tomorrow.  Particularly loved my eldest daughter’s letter to Santa tonight and the fact that she tried to spell out “appreciate” – bless her!  Also loving that she still believes in Santa despite seeing so many Santas around this year – we were starting to get many suspicious questions!  She also included the whole family in the letter so that made me smile.  However, I’m slightly concerned that she remembers exactly what wrapping paper Santa used last year as he might have used the same this year (oops)..

So what are you all up to over Christmas?  Today was filled with friends and family and I love that Christmas brings everyone together over great food and a few drinks.

Chloe and I were lucky enough to shoot three beautiful weddings this week, and as I drove back from yesterday’s I felt so lucky to work with someone who makes me laugh til I cry.   Then this morning we rushed over to friends of ours to drop off presents as they were supposedly on a tight schedule today.  Instead of that they were all in their PJs and I drove off so so grateful to have great friends who feel comfortable enough with us to hang out in their PJs over breakfast.  You know who you are and I love you for your relaxed way of life..  We also got to skype a really close friend in New Zealand tonight and meet his fiance and bump (very soon to be new addition) and that was also amazing. 

Right, am getting sentimental..will sign off for now and say a big fat ‘Merry Christmas’ to all my friends, family and clients.  Have the most fantastic time with your nearest and dearest and those of you with kids tonight.. well I hope they poured as big a glass of brandy for Father Christmas as mine did..  Well, it would be rude not to drink it XXX