Chloe & I headed up to Dorset for the most amazing wedding this weekend and here’s a sneak preview for Laura & Tim.  They met at school and first ‘went out’ together when they were just 10 years old (even though Laura apparently broke Tim’s heart after a day!)  As kids they would meet halfway between their houses by walking along the old, disused railway line in Wimborne. They would hang out and have picnics together.  Now, years later (and still between both family houses) the same railway line was the setting of their magical wedding day. There are deer, birds tweeting, rabbits hopping around and a tree canopy overhead which adds to the beauty.  I couldn’t think of a more romantic story if I tried and I might have shed the odd tear during the speeches (ok, so that’s no surprise for me, but this was particularly moving).  Laura and Tim, a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to you and your wonderful friends and family for such an incredible day X

 As always, your thoughts, comments or general love for Laura & Tim are welcome below x