When I meet up with my clients before their weddings we usually sit and chat over a cup of tea for a while before heading out somewhere fun for their pre-wedding shoot.  Yesterday was different and when I arrived in Beer (quaint fishing village in East Devon) it looked like it was going to pour down so we headed straight out for the beach instead.  Hats off to Gemma and Paul as they really embraced the whole shoot and fairly early on I felt that they were feeling pretty relaxed in front of me and the camera.   Well in true British style, it actually ended up being really sunny and warm, so we relaxed on the beach for a bit while I grabbed a few shots, felt the February sun on our faces and got to know each other better before the big day.  They seem so happy in all the photos and I’ve totally loved taking and editing them.  Bring on the wedding – it’s going to be amazing!

When I spotted the beach huts and headed over, Paul casually mentioned that the second one in the row was their family’s hut and that he had proposed to Gemma there.. 

The light was sooo beautiful, I couldn’t get enough of it.. the sea almost looked inviting for a minute there!

Thanks Gemma & Paul for being so much fun and reminding me why I’m so lucky to be doing something that I enjoy so much x