You might remember photos of Becca & David’s incredible wedding in Athens last year.. well they actually tied the knot in London beforehand, then flew out to Athens for a further ceremony and party.  What a truly amazing and unforgettable party it was too!  Becca & David didn’t have a photographer for their intimate London ceremony so we decided to have some fun and capture them in the outfits they wore on the day.  We headed to The Bingham, a beautiful unique boutique hotel right by the Thames and I got to hang out with my friend and superstar London photographer Leela Bennett, try out a new lens and enjoy playing around with new ideas without the time pressure of an actual wedding! Oh and did I mention that I got to feast my eyes on the best pair of Louboutins I have ever seen for a second time?.. check them out they’re incredible!  Last but not least there was great excitement when a certain singer walked past with his supermodel wife – can you spot who it is?!

and finally.. who can spot the superstar in the bottom picture  who happened to walked past with his supermodel wife? .. And the cute dog?  Well we had lunch at Petersham Nurseries that day and he was asleep on the counter by the till looking too cute for words! 

Did you spot who it was? 😉 x